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Total Classmates Networked : 269
Celebrating 38 (+3) Years of Nostalgia and Friendship

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Welcome Back to the Woods of 1978-81

Hi.... this is an exclusive portal for the Class of 81 MCC.... The Coolest Class outta MCC

for the lovely Folks who Lived, Loved, Studied (with/without arrears) and Froke Out in the Woods and the Gutters between 1978 and 1981....

at this point, we are the most "Connected" batch outta MCC...

Our Reunion in 2006 was the 1st of its kind among MCCians and it set the trend for the subsequent batches to follow... It was an amazing two days of Nostalgia and Fun for over 200+ of us who gathered together...

If you aren't Connected to the network, you should do so immediately.... If you are already Connected, just LogIn and Nostalgiate...


(This website is powered by a few 81nners who are doing it just for the fun and happiness of it....)