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Celebrating 38 (+3) Years of Nostalgia and Friendship

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Some Thots on an impending ReU...

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Class of 81,

Its the 39th Anniversary !!! Yeps, considering that most of us met each other for the 1st time in June 1978 !!

Reunion 2016

It has been 11years since we got together for the Silver jubilee Reunion in August 2006. Since then much water must have flowed under the bridge, as we are cautiously entering the infancy stage to the old age. Most of us have crossed 50, shedding behind the youth tag we jubilantly carried for 4 decades. Some of us have become fathers-in-law, mothers-in-law and even grand fathers and mothers. We achieved these social positions not by sheer efflux of time alone but through endurance and determination taking the vicissitudes of life over the years in our strides, managing and balancing the dichotomies both personal and professional lives successfully.

In the present fast track existence, pushed from all corners, we need to find little time and space to unwind ourselves with our old buddies, yet again coming August 2017 on completion of 36 long years, since leaving our lovely Alma Mater.

The occasion befittingly demands for a great celebration to re-kindle the spirit of fellowship and nostalgia the 81nners experienced during the silver jubilee gathering.

Ageing brings in itself wisdom, experience, diplomacy, sobriety and pragmatism replacing youthful idealism, cockeyes, brashness and imperviousness (Don, of course, is an exception to the rule). At 50 the process of unlearning or re-learning begins. Folks, let us unravel the new experience on the threshold of our old age together this August 2017.

The tentative dates for the celebration is August 2017 and the details of the programmes can be worked out after getting sensible feed back from the guys around. We need to take this forward in all earnestness and folks may respond promptly.

Hey, this will again be one of the Coolest MCC Parties that you ever been to...


Eng Litt, Selaiyur